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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a0hq piz delivery driver shot and now paralyzed. >> she's a hard worker and go getter. and right now they've really shattered my family. >> tonight her mother says she knew the risks but needed to pay for college. a local university explains why it didn't alert students on campus as police investigate the sexual assault of a student. but first,÷ snow and icy roads create problems for drivers tonight in bucks county. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. parts of the area are seeing
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snow tonight. it started falling on the p.a. turnpike. >> let's go to sheen p'8ut with more. >> that's right. in the video you saw the snow sticking to the roadways. temperatures have dropped below freezing in many of these freezing in many of thest3 icy lehigh valley, we've gotten reports of that. as the temperatures do go down, we expect that on untreated roadways. going into the lehigh valley, bucks county, lightr úwt snow, d milford. in the poconos we have some moving in. even chester county seeing lighter snow at this hour. and just snow showers will be in the forecast later on tonight, too. you see more snow just to the north and west. and this will be moving in, not the entire area of snow, but we do still expect some snow showers overnight and even parts of the area tomorrow morning. across the i-95 corridor, temperatures are above freezing. and areas north and west lehigh
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valley, many locations are at freezing right now. doylestown, 30 degrees, mount pocono, 24. this is where we've been getting reports of those icy spots. be very careful on the roadways. south jersey and delaware temperatures are above freezing, the upper 30s. tomorrow your temperatures will be in the 20s. untreated roads will still have icy spots, even the chance for more snow showers. philadelphia and the i-95 corridor, below freezing, a little chance of a snow shower tomorrow morning. delaware and new jersey, windy and cold. we'll take a closer look at tomorrow's forecast and how long our dry spell's going to last straight ahead. sheena just mentioned, drivers could run into icy spots in the morning. this is a live picture from one of our traffic cameras in allentown, tillman street. you can see the snow on the side of the road. the overnight team is already here in the newsroom. tune in at 4:00 a.m. for your first look at how the roads are shaping up for the morning
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commute. the other top story tonight, shot on the job. a 23-year-old pizza delivery driver is now paralyzed. someone shot her overnight during a delivery in chester. in fact, her mom wanted her to quit because the job was too dangerous. nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez joins us live from the hospital where and co-workers about the dangers of delivering pizza. >> reporter: her mother said she begged her daughter to quit her job after she was robbed over the summer. but she continued to work because she had to pay for school. tonight that victim is here behind me in critical condition after her family says a bullet pierced her spinal cord and"x lung. >> they really have really shattered my family. >> reporter: the last 24 hours have been the most difficult time in stacy molton's life. she's devastated by the thought that her only daughter will never walk again. >> i don't know why they decided to hurt my baby. but we want justice for nikki.
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>> reporter: they shot nikki williams while she delivered pizzas. she was on her way to make the delivery, but before she could get out of her car, detectives say someone walked up, robbed her, then shot her. >> we were notified that she's paralyzed from the waistt!-ñdow. >> reporter: her family members aren't the only ones pained by the news. her co-workers are also upset andjz[uy rattled. this driver who works with nikki says it's dangerous to be knocking on doors. he's so scared he asked us not to show his face. >> really, really upset. i don't feel like working right now, too. but i have no choice. >> reporter: because you got to deliver food. as for nikki's family they say their faith in god will help them through the pain, but they hope that the person responsible will do the right thing. >> my daughter could have died in the street, and just turn yourself in. do theb$?p right thing. we'll forgive you. >> reporter: now, police tell us that no one at the address
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ordered that pizza, so they're trying to trace the call. as for nikki, tonight doctors say there is only a 1% chance that she will ever walk again. that's the very latest from chester. nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. drexel university is responding to complaints that it didn't send out a campus-wide alert after the reported rape of a student this morning. a student says she was assaulted in an off-campus apartment along spring garden street around 4:00 this morning. the 21-year-old told police she didn't know her attacker. students we talked to tonight said the university never alert them to the situation. >> normallyf4cñ they're really about that, but i didn't hear about that at all last night. >> reporter: the university said it didn't send out an alert because drexel police weren't notified about the incident until hours after it happened. investigators have no suspects in this morning's assault. murdertown, usa, that's what "newsweek" magazine called the bna/dátu article.
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wilmington's mayor's appalled and plenty are are weighing in. so far this year there's been 27 homicides, that sets a record set back in bvx2010. wilmington's mayor is calling this a misrepresentation of the city. >> reporter: he is, as other leaders here call the crime problem, quote, fixable. tonight we even found one lifelong wilmington resident who has beenmm/yb scarred recently $÷h violence who was still unwilling to accept that terrible new title. >> like this right here, like me with these tears and)uñ my voic all choked up. >> reporter: jessica owens tells us crying isn't really her style, but she's been crying and lighting candles for much of her life. first years ago for her murdered brother and tonight for her friend gene malone, a father, a
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brother and as of friday, another murder victim in wilmington. on these streets, jessica says, she's grown used to death. >> who say they get used to death. nobody ain't used to death. i witnessed it and experienced it and put so many people under ground that this ain't even hit me. jessica's formed the base of the jolting "newsweek" headline murdertown usa, aka wilmington, delaware. the small city just tied its homicide record 27 so far this year and five times that number have been shot. today we talked to the journalist who wrote the article. >> i realized that it might be a controversial story within wilmington, but it's also a really important story that deserves a national spotlight. >> reporter: but wilmington strengths, the business strong downtown and a dwroeing waterfront. tonight even jessica refused the new title. is this murdertown, usa? >> i don't think it is.
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i think this is the town of hard knocks. >> reporter: but as someone schooled by hard knocks who still supports her city, she does wonder about the little boy she's raising here. >> this could have been my son. this could be my son at 23. >> reporter: for comparison, the violent crime rate here is more than four times the national average. wilmington is now part of a federal program na is assisting especially violent american cities. we're live tonight in wilmington, george spencer, nbc 10 news. services are set for friday and saturday for fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig, the mother of two died yesterday morning fighting a house fire in west oak lane. there are two viewings, both at bachelor brothers funeral services. the first from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the next saturday and the funeral will follow.
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cemetery. the investigation into her death continues tonight. township paid for a tower just off the city's main line, but not everyone is on board. a group of citizens from ardmore spoke out against the-r@cç development of haw's terrace. a developer wants to build one ardmore place there that will feature a retail space and a parking garage. commissioners voted to vacate part of that property. residents against the tower signed pages of petitions, fearing small business will suffer and ardmore will no longer be considered a suburb. fans÷iute know him as j.-ro. jimmy rollins called philadelphia home for 15 years and tonight philadelphia traded him to the dodgers. talk about the end of an era and rollins such a fan favorite. >> the longest tenured philly. he's been traded to the dodgers
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for two pitching prospects. j-roll helped lead the phillies to the world series. and i caught up with fans here at the wells fargo about seeing j-roll go. >> i was mad because i didn't know who we were going to get and if we get somebody bad who wouldn't play well like when the eagles traded away brian dawkins. >> i go to spring training every year. going down and not being able to see him is not going to be the same. >> i was kind of sad about it. he was a great player. very clutch. >> he brought tons of energy to philly. you can't replace energy. >> they're getting old. hopefully we're getting new players. >> that's little jimmy rollins and we're really going to miss him. >> he made quite a mark in our town. coming up in sports we'll hear from larry bowa and>kyuñ one of teammates. for now i'm john clark. snow showers popping up tonight. we'll continue to fall into the next where icy conditions are
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causing accidents and what you can expect when you wake up. an outbreak of whooping cough in our area. the school district notifying parents tonight. changing up the look of love park. the $14 million plan to make it over.
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we have breaking news just in from new york city. this is video from midtown manhattan where, as you see here, this car crashed into a storefront. authorities say the driver lost control and drove right into a forever 21 store on the city's east side. this is at 34th street. at least seven people are hurt tonight. and we'll continue to monitor the situation out of mon hatten. crews plan to return to the water here at home near the manayunk canal after searching all day for missing college student shane montgomery. the latest search effort was prompted by new video of shane after he left a manayunk bar. the video shows shane walking close to the canal. tomorrow marks two weeks since shane was last seen leaving k l
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kilda kildare's bar. new at 11:00, doctors are treating students for whooping cough. the cases are in the lhñperklom school district. it is a highly contagious disease. parents should see if their children were vaccinated for it and if not, look for symptoms that include uncontrolled bursts of coughing. children need five days of antibiotics beforeru they can return to cool. love park is one of the7o city's most iconic sig iic site. the city set aside $14 million for a renovation here. now a matter of deciding just how things should look. tonight residents had a chance to share their vision for the new love park. they showed up at the free library of philadelphia. parks and rec officials were all ears here gathering ideas and input on the upcoming redesign. they haven't provided a timetable for when the redevelopment will begin, but they're still looking for ideas.
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log on to to find out how you can submit them. take a look at this white car right here. police say a robber used it to get away from the mall. the armed man used a face mask and gloves when he held up a macy's employees in the lingerie department. he got away with almost $1200. the response from bill cosby's lawyer as the comedian finds himself at the center of a new lawsuit. a woman named tamer ra green launched a lawsuit against cosby today. green says cosby drugged and assaulted her in the '70s. she first came forward with her story in 2005. the lawsuit says that cosby publicly branded her a ]qsalaw. and today his lawyers issued a statement, we're very confident that we'll prevail in this proeg and we will pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action. cosby has never been charged in
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connection with any section wal assault allegations made against him. v5b ra philadelphia woman right now will not face charges. prosecutors dropped charges against delvin barnes so the feds can move forward with their case. it involves a 16-year-old richmond girl. prosecutors can decide to refile the charges later. he's still facing charminged that he kidnapped car leash na sha -- carlesha gaithers. they took an unusual twist today in philadelphia. we've already seen demonstrations in high schools, city hall and after an eagles game. today medical students from four local universities staged a die-in on their campuses. at penn medicine, aspiring doctors and nurses laid in the middle of an intersection to
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protest the eric garner and michael brown grand jury decisions. students told us they also want to highlight what they call racial injustice in the nation's health care system. philadelphia police will talk tomorrow about a body camera pilot program currently tested by officers. body cameras can show confrontations with suspects so there are no questions about what really happened. police say they hope the cameras will help build community trust. the department says it hopes to put a permanent program into place soon. meet the newest american citizens in our area. a naturalization ceremony taking place today in media, delaware county. 62 people from 28 countries took their oath at the courthouse tonight. it's one of the largest groups ever in delaware county. icy roads are causing accidents in bucks county. our cameras spotted a guy who crashed his car into a pole in quakertown. luckily he only suffered minor injuries, but authorities have
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been busy. in fact, there have been several multicar crashes. penndot tells us 12 additional trucks are coming in overnight to try to de-ice the roads for the morning rush. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen now with our forecast. >> yeah, and jacqueline, those areas north and west have been seeing snowfall. it's been on the lighter side. accumulation has been very small, but remember today we were above freezing. so the snow was melting on the roads, and now the temperatures are dropping below freezing. those wet roadways are now turning a little icy. icy spots right now, through the morning commute on roads that are untreated. remember the wet roads from today will be freezing overnight. temperatures will keep on dropping into the 20s north and west. also snow showers still in the forecast through tonight and even into part of the day tomorrow, not for everybody, but they're still going to be in the forecast. very slow moving nor'easter. then we have drier weather ahead.
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sunday. pretty good forecast for that i'll show you in a minute. right now still windy. the top of the aramark building, flags are blowing, winds gusting still at 30 miles an hour in some spots. with those wind gusts it feels 10 degrees colder, feels like 26 degrees, but the actual temperature is what we look at when we talk about icing. 32 in allentown, freezing here. pottstown, same thing. trenton, poconos the mid-20s right now. philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs coming in right around the mid-30s, but south jersey and delaware, you shouldn't have to worry about any icing any time soon. the icy spots are mainly north and west. that's where you even see more snow moving in. we have another band of snow on the lighter side. any additional accumulation should be about less than an inch or so. so again not a lot of accumulation, but at this point on top of icy roads, the last thing you want is to layer snow on top of that. burks county, on top of the
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poconos, we'll continue to see that through the overnight hours. new castle county, across all the major interstates and lighter snow there, but this really is not the end of this, the nor'easter is up around new england. we have snow coming down on the backside of this system in new york state moving through pennsylvania. not all of the snow will be moving in tonight. we'll see pieces of it. but still snow showers will stay in the forecast through tomorrow. so her's future weather for the overnight hours, still some snow + morning commute. some of us will be seeing snow showers mainly around philadelphia, best chance north and west, through the day tomorrow, still a chance of a few lingering snow showers and it's not really going to be until this entire nor'easter clears out by friday when we start to see drier conditions and that pretty much sets us up for a drier weekend. so finally we'll see things improving. for tonight, though, not so much with those areas of ice still in the forecast, 26 areas north and west, 30 philadelphia, still snow showers around, be very careful tomorrow morning
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especially on the untreated roadways. windy and cold through the day tomorrow with still scattered snow showers for some of you. 37 to 40 for the high temperatures. so it will still be cold. as we go into the weekend, looks a lot better. as we go into sunday for the eagles game, looks a little better than that. temperatures by game time will be around 42 degrees, then by the fourth quarter we'll be in the mid-30s, but dry for the fans. the end of an era for the phillies, their longest tenured player has been traded. we'll hear from larry bowa as well as a former teammate. much more reaction on the j-roll trade next.
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we took him to the climbing wall in broomall, p.a. he's very inquisitive and loves trying new things. >> he's very energetic. he has a lot of personality. he's a very caring young man. >> he's this week's wednesday's child. call 1-866-do-adopt or go to
11:24 pm and search wednesday's child for information on how to begin your adoption journey. this is the xfinity sports
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desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark. jimmy rollins, the longest tenured athlete in philly is on his way to the dodgers for two minor pitching prospects. jimmy won a world series here and won an mvp. j-roll became the all-time hits leader passing hall of famer mike schmidt. he ranks phils history in many categories. he wanted to stay in philadelphia, but the phils are rebuilding and the dodgers wanted a chance to win it all. >> jimmy had full no-trade rights. i think the dodgers are the only type of place he would have agreed to go to. >> jimmyv:hys rollins just turn. with the phillies rebuilding, he decided he wants to take one more shot at winning. >> that's how you win a ball game. >> definitely taking a step back here. i think at his age, i don't think he wanted to go through that. >> phils bench coach and former manager and star shortstop larry
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bowa managed j-roll and he knew he could be great. >> when i first saw him, i said you can be as good as you want to be. he definitely lived up to that. i don't think the phillies win the world series without jimmy as a shortstop. i believe the dodgers have a tremendous chance of going to the world series just by picking up jimmy rollins. >> he brought swagger to the phils. when he said they were the team to beat eight years ago, it started the greatest run in franchise history. >> you see that? champs baby. >> sometimes people question he wasn't a leader, he didn't do this. whenever there was a problem in the clubhouse, they came to jimmy and jimmy would go to coaches and management and handle that problem. >> his former teammate marlin anderson says his place in team history is secure. >> he's definitely top five, in my list he's a little bit higher than that. everybody will have their choices, but for me jimmy is one of the top two players to ever put on a uniform. >> the phillies have also traded
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antonio bastardo for a minor leaguer. sixers making a deal. they traded brandon davies to the nets for andrei kirilenko who may not even play for the team. sixers in atlanta. they couldn't hang with the hawks in the second half. former sixer knocking down the three. sixers lose to the hawks,yón[ñ , they're 2-19.
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really cold out there tonight. >> yes, cold and since those temperatures are dropping below freezing, we actually do have icy spots. and tomorrow morning still the same thing. areas of ice, snow showers overnight tonight, which will not be helping this mid-20s north and west philadelphia. tomorrow cold with snow showers throughout the day. temperatures will be topping out close to 40 degrees.
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if you're lucky. but it will still be windy. temperatures -- wind gusts, i should say, near 30 miles per hour. >> let's hope for that luck. >> yes. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. see you tomorrow.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg, kevin nealon,


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